Age Comparison Horse Human
1 year  6.5 years
2 years  13 years
3 years  18 years
4 years  20.5 years
10 years  35.5 years
17 years  53 years
20 years  60.5 years
24 years  70.5 years
30 years  85.5 years
36 years  100.5 years
Information courtesy of The Foaling
Primer: A Month-by-Month Guide to
Raising A Healthy Foal.
Virginia hunting
can be purchased online
thru the
VA Dept. of Game and
Inland Fisheries
TONY the tack repair leather man who
had a shop in Purcellvillehas moved his
operation to his home.
He lives at The Villages of Round Hill.
(VERY easy to find)
He can be reached at 540-338-2742.
I recommend you call to let him know
your coming.
If you have
helpful tips,
and/or fun
items you to
would like to
please forward
them to me
From Beverly Sizemore;
Remedy for red bugs/ chiggers, the little
bugs you can't see that you get in the woods
that Anti-Perspirant. Works great the idea is to
smother the little buggers.  Anti-Perspirant kills
them a little cortisone cream gets rid of the itch.
It works.
dangerous for
Blue Ridge Wildlife Center in Millwood, VA.
To learn more about them, look at their web site. They run on
contributions alone. They are well worth knowing about and you
never know when you'll need them,
they take everything.
Tracy Covers
cream for scratches, rain rot, dew
poising, etc.
(equal size tubes)
2 tubes Antibiotic ointment
1 tube Hydrocortisone 1% cream
1 tube Antifungal ointment
"Desitin" to a comfortable consistency.
Will keep in Tupperware tub for several
weeks  (don't leave in heat)